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Charlottesville Summer Bucket List

We may be biased, but we consider Charlottesville to be the absolute best location to spend your summer. Summer in Charlottesville includes all of the quintessential summer activities like hiking, camping, and canoeing, while also incorporating some uniquely c’ville events that locals look forward to all year long. Keep reading for the ultimate Charlottesville Summer Bucket List, complete with items

Downsizing for Seniors

For aging adults, retirement often comes with the difficult decision to stay at home or move to a senior care facility. While living in your own home provides freedom and privacy, there are medical and financial challenges that come with aging that makes it necessary to move. Downsizing is often the best option for seniors who want to cut costs

Handling Hazardous Materials at Home

Many common household products contain chemicals that can cause injury or death if they are not handled, stored, or used properly. Some of the household products that contain hazardous chemicals are oven cleaners, tile cleaners, toilet-bowl cleaners, liquid drain openers, antifreeze, chrome-wheel cleaners, rust removers, gasoline, motor oil, lead paint, turpentine, lacquer thinner, and muriatic acid. These safety precautions can

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

By now, you’ve likely heard about Marie Kondo (https://konmari.com), whether from her famous book or new Netflix series, this lady has got us all feeling seriously insufficient when it comes to domestic skills. Her mantra of keeping only “things that spark joy,” leave us all wondering what to do with our raggedy college t-shirts, our “when I lose a little

Sometimes You Just Need a Little Paint and a Vision

Our recent client Julia, shared her home journey story with us as well as some photos from her recent renovation.  Those before and afters are pretty amazing! Client’s with just a little bit of Joanna and Chip Gaines in their blood can truly have a lot of fun once they get started. How did you discover the neighborhood you