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Buy A Home

Our experienced sales agents look forward to helping you with your home buying process!

If you’d like to start educating yourself prior to reaching out to an agent, the process consists of 10 Steps:


  1. Consult with Your REALTOR®
  2. Buyer Profile
  3. Arrange and Research Your Financing
  4. Conduct Your Home Search
  5. Prepare a Purchase Offer
  6. Contract for Your Home
  7. Conduct Inspections
  8. Finalize Your Financing
  9. Prepare For Your Settlement
  10. Moving Concierge
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THE sales TEAM

Meet the Agents

Errin Searcy
Associate Broker, Realtor® since 2005

Josh White
Associate Broker, Realtor® since 2016

Brentney Kozuch
Realtor® since 2017

Jessica Trivette
Realtor® since 2019

Aaron Howell
Realtor® since 2019

Zoya Claus
Realtor® since 2020

Virgil Velasco
Realtor® since 2020

Abby Searcy
Realtor® since 2020

Troy Harding
Realtor® since 2006

Alex Tiscornia
Realtor® since 2020

Will Nafei
Realtor® since 2016

Stephen Fitzgerald
Realtor® since 2020

Mary Anna Wu
Realtor® since 2022