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Moving to Charlottesville

Whether you’re moving to Charlottesville for school, for work, to be in a location where a winery sits at every corner (my main motivation), or, like most of us, were charmed by the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and undeniable culture of the city, moving to Charlottesville can be quite a transition. I always like to say that I stumbled upon

Charlottesville Summer Bucket List

We may be biased, but we consider Charlottesville to be the absolute best location to spend your summer. Summer in Charlottesville includes all of the quintessential summer activities like hiking, camping, and canoeing, while also incorporating some uniquely c’ville events that locals look forward to all year long. Keep reading for the ultimate Charlottesville Summer Bucket List, complete with items

Why Charlottesville, Virginia Is A Hidden Travel Gem

Forbes Travel Guide thinks Charlottesville is a HIDDEN GEM and we do too! Even if you don’t know the words to “My Shot” by heart, you’ve probably at least heard of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s theatrical production Hamilton by now. An absolutely fascinating mélange of American history and hip-hop, the play is as much a game-changing cultural phenomenon as it is a biography about

Charlottesville365: Chocolate at Monticello

We all know Thomas Jefferson was a man of many trades – Founding Father, American president, inventor, writer, lawyer are just a few that come to mind. If you didn’t already admire Jefferson’s impressive and versatile array of accomplishments, perhaps you can appreciate this one: chocolate enthusiast. In a letter to John Adams, Jefferson emphasized the importance of chocolate: “By getting