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Handling Hazardous Materials at Home

Many common household products contain chemicals that can cause injury or death if they are not handled, stored, or used properly. Some of the household products that contain hazardous chemicals are oven cleaners, tile cleaners, toilet-bowl cleaners, liquid drain openers, antifreeze, chrome-wheel cleaners, rust removers, gasoline, motor oil, lead paint, turpentine, lacquer thinner, and muriatic acid. These safety precautions can

Tom Tom Founder’s Festival Summits 2018

The Summit schedule has been announced for 2018, as there is so much to choose from!  2018 is stocked full of activity with 4 full days, 300 speakers and 100 sessions and that’s just the Summit portion – not to mention the Block Parties, Concerts in the Park, and other events throughout the four day period. We are very lucky