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Thinking of Buying or Selling in 2015?

Learn more about the market in our area!  In 2014, sals in the Charlottesville area were up 2.0% from 2013, and the number is expected to rise in 2015!  This is an ideal time to reach out and find out what your options are and how the Sasha Farmer Team can help!   Take a look here, and then give

Charlottesville Area Year-End Market Report

The 2012 year-end market report has just been released from the Charlottesville Area Association of REALTORS, and it’s results are right in line with what I had been predicting and sharing with you throughout the year.  Perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel for this depressed real estate market, after all! In general, the findings were;

CAAR Third Quarter Market Report

CAAR has just released it’s 3rd Quarter Market report, and it has many figures that are quite positive for the Central Virginia region.  I know many agents have been “feeling” the uptick, but it’s great to finally see it quantified! CAAR Third Quarter Market Report

But Zillow says my house is worth…

It is actually quite often that people I run into have been completely misguided about their home values.  With the incredible technology and information online about real estate and home searches, people often feel that real estate websites are getting to the point where they are extremely accurate and reliable.  In some large cities, evidently this is true.  In Charlottesville,

CAAR 2011 Mid-Year Market Report

Click below to download the CAAR Mid Year Market Report for 2011. This is a hyper-local report that shows us exactly what to be expecting in the real estate market. Provided by the local real estate association, it gives us a great glimpse of the major areas served by CAAR agents, and the respective markets there. 2011 Mid-Year CAAR Market

We are really outgrowing out current home, but…

In the current market, there are many homeowners out there who would like to have a larger/nicer home but are patiently waiting for the market to improve. A frequently heard objection is that they can’t sell their home for what they think it should be worth, so they are trying to wait for the market to improve a bit and

CAAR Year-End Market Report 2010

CAAR is releasing it’s 4th quarter market report tomorrow, so this is fresh off the presses! Some pieces that I thought were relevant if you’re in the market to buy or sell; Good news for buyers; Price Per Square Foot (Finished)—Pockets of Value for Buyers The current area average of $139 per finished square foot is the lowest number since

Is Now a Good Time to Buy?

Time Magazine’s September 11 cover story attempts to make a strong case against homeownership in the article found here; but I have actually found my recent conversations with clients (current and pending) to present a story that is quite the opposite. Are you still debating whether or not it is a “good time to buy”?  It is never a good

Just Released! The Charlottesville Area Association of Realtors’ Year-End Market Report

The Charlottesville Area Association of Realtors has just released it’s Year End Market Report this morning, and it includes some very valuable information that home buyers and sellers should really be aware of. … Some people have suggested that the first time home buyer credit hasn’t been effective, but I have completely disagreed with that, and while this data isn’t a clear indicator that the credit is working, it would suggest that more first time buyers (in the below $300,000 price range) have been in our market in Q4 2009, than we are typically used to. … The average price per square foot of finished space in homes is not a scientific number, but a downward trend over the years clearly indicates a decrease in prices (and vice versa). … The current $143 per square foot is the lowest number since 2004. Screen shot 2010-01-14 at 7.37.56 AM.jpg According to the CAAR Year End market Report, our inventory of homes is slowly declining. Of course this was the main aim of the First TIme Home Buyer tax credit, and we are all anxious to see what will happen to inventory once it expires.

CAAR Releases it’s Third Quarter Market Report

The Charlottesville Association of Realtors’ Third Quarter Market Report has just been released and it definitely contains some interesting data.  As we all know, we still have much more inventory than we can absorb with the current number of Purchasers in the market. Check out the market report here; CAAR Third Quarter Market Report