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Please take a look at what our clients are saying about their experience working with Story House Real Estate.

I do not think that our experience with Story House could have been improved. The level of engagement and communication from Josh White was absolutely exceptional, and removed so much of the stress we anticipated experiencing with our first home purchase. We could not have had a better guide as we navigated a difficult housing market during strange pandemic times. Josh and Zoya were so generous with their time and expertise that we felt secure throughout the entire process. Every part of this process was handled well by Josh White. The showstopper was the extremely high level of communication both with us as buyers, and with the sellers on the other side. The negotiations were extremely professional and we feel that we were represented perfectly at each stage. Josh removed much of the stress on our side by being quick with responses and urging replies from other parties. We always felt that he was engaged and had his eye on each line. Josh's instincts for the market also steered us well many times over. Last of all, Josh and Zoya were extremely generous with their time. They met contractors and inspectors for us, organized meetings and coordinated everyone's schedules. I can't over-emphasize what a huge help this was, and it was not something we had expected. After the purchase, Josh went above and beyond to share his network of contractors and professionals in Charlottesville who are now helping us with the renovations and repairs needed for the new house.

Avery Ellis & Joseph Wilkinson, January 2022