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Summer Maintenance Tips

The early morning hum of a chorus of lawnmowers, sunsets delayed to 8 pm, and entire days spent lounging by the pool can only mean one thing, summer is here! We’re bringing you five Summer Maintenance Tips to prepare your home for the upcoming season. Schedule a cleaning for your HVAC system: The first thing we all do when temperatures start

5 Fall Maintenance Tips

It would be amazing if all you needed to prep your home for fall was hang a wreath and light a bunch of pumpkin spice candles. While yes, those are a crucial part of getting ready for the change of seasons, there are more important (and not exactly fun) preparations that come with being a homeowner. Consider this everything you


With warm weather, poolside parties and bountiful barbeques comes the need for major use of the family backyard. This means you will likely be dealing with the tricky task of keeping your landscaping in tip top shape amidst the heat. Though summer landscaping tips can often be a challenging task, homeowners can find simple ways to preserve their gardens, lawns,

Don’t Let Deferred Maintenance Decrease Your Bottom Line

Life is busy and as the old saying goes, “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” However, for many property owners, deferred maintenance and home improvement projects that have piled up really end up slashing their bottom line when they go to sell. Even in a hot seller’s market, home repairs that have been ignored can severely detract from maximizing

Got Grass?

If you feel like your other full-time job is dealing with all of the mud in your yard, this blog is for you!  My life for the last six months has been battling the havoc the never-ending rain has caused. I am bathing my dogs every time they come in the house, constantly reminding my kids to take off their shoes