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Cville Sock Love: Local Teens Encourage Youth Engagement

Thank you to our friends at Cville Sock Love for sharing their story with us on the Sincerely, Story House blog. Keep reading below to discover how a small gesture sparked a passion for warming the “soles” of those in the Charlottesville community. We get asked all the time how and why we started Cville Sock Love. In sharing

4 Fall Design Tips

Fall in Charlottesville, Virginia is all about the changing leaves, warm, earthy hues, and gearing up for tailgates outside of Scott Stadium to cheer on the UVA Hoo’s. However, fall is also the time to update your interior decor, and switch from the warm summer vibes to those cozy fall tones. Keep reading to discover 4 Fall Design Tips to

Moving to Charlottesville

Whether you’re moving to Charlottesville for school, for work, to be in a location where a winery sits at every corner (my main motivation), or, like most of us, were charmed by the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and undeniable culture of the city, moving to Charlottesville can be quite a transition. I always like to say that I stumbled upon

Tips on Reducing Weeds in Your Garden

During the summer months, keeping your garden free of those pesky weeds may feel like an impossible task, especially here in Charlottesville, Virginia. Story House Real Estate’s Listing Partner, Madison is providing you with all the tips and tricks to help reduce the weeds in your garden. Keep reading for some Tips on Reducing Weeds in Your Garden to keep

5 Signs You’re Ready to Own a Home

Becoming a homeowner is one of the most significant accomplishments a person can make. Here at Story House Real Estate, our Realtors always express the overwhelming advantages of homeownership. For those of us in Charlottesville, Virginia, and beyond who are currently renting, making the decision to pursue homeownership can feel both rewarding and terrifying. No matter how familiar you are