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OWL PROWL at Monticello

Join seasoned birder Jerry Therrien for the OWL PROWL series at the trailhead at Monticello Trail.  The kids will love listening for the hoots, and shrieks of owls while learning about their habits.  The walk begins at 5:00pm and is scheduled to last about 2 hours. Registration is required and you can buy your tickets ($18) online at:  TICKETS or

Charlottesville365: Chocolate at Monticello

We all know Thomas Jefferson was a man of many trades – Founding Father, American president, inventor, writer, lawyer are just a few that come to mind. If you didn’t already admire Jefferson’s impressive and versatile array of accomplishments, perhaps you can appreciate this one: chocolate enthusiast. In a letter to John Adams, Jefferson emphasized the importance of chocolate: “By getting

Charlottesville365; Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello

Behind The Scenes If you live in Charlottesville and haven’t visited Monticello what are you waiting for? Monticello, the famed home of our third president Thomas Jefferson, is open daily for visitors and this summer guests are in for a special treat. The typical Monticello tour is of the first level, which is nothing to sneeze at, but tickets are