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Foreclosures 101

I have had 2 people call me in the past month who wanted to search the foreclosure market for a deal so I’m writing this to explain how foreclosures work and why they’re not for everyone. Foreclosures are becoming more abundant nationwide in the wake of the major shift in the U.S. mortgage market, but they’re not for the faint-hearted

782% APR- What A Deal!

So there has been quite a fuss over this nationally, but I thought I would talk about it just because it DOES effect us locally as well.  Payday loans involve using a check as collateral for a loan for the time period between one paycheck and the next.  These are primarily used because they require no credit check and loans

Lowest International Cost of Living

According to the investment services provider Mercer’s latest Worldwide Individual Tax Comparator Report, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) provides the best ratio of net to gross salary, with no income tax and small social-security contributions, meaning people enjoy a 95 percent return. In second place is Russia, which has a flat 13 percent tax for all income levels, while Hong Kong is in

The Virginia Foreclosure Market

Courtesy of Virginia Business Magazine, here is a good article on how Virginia’s housing market has fared in 2007, despite trouble nationwide with foreclosures. As stated in the article, “At a time when foreclosures are soaring and some mortgage lenders have gone out of business, plenty of homebuilders would gladly trade places with Genuario. And homeowners in other states can’t

Habitat For Humanity Dedications

As a long-time Habitat for Humanity volunteer and recent Family Advocate here at the Charlottesville Habitat for Humanity, I am inclined to keep everyone updated with all of the incredible things Habitat is accomplishing for affordable housing in the Charlottesville and Central Virginia areas. Great Habitat news- I just received a newsletter that stated the following; Those of you who