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Story House would love to help you with your rental search!


Before we get started, we want to explain a few things about how the rental market works in Charlottesville, especially in conjunction with real estate agents. The rental market in Charlottesville is a tricky one!


First, real estate agents only have access to between 1/3 – 1/2 of the available rental listings via our local MLS (Multiple List System). Many rentals are managed privately, and some of the best sources for rental availability include hotpads.com and apartments.com. We would highly recommend that you set up a search with the MLS, but that you can also begin checking credible sources like the aforementioned websites. Sources like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are also great resources to consider for the rental search, but be mindful of fraudulent listings. We encourage you to reach out to us if you have questions or concerns about the legitimacy of a rental listing!


Because of the limited access and involvement given to Realtors, we are often not given any more access to the homes than the general consumer. Many of these listings do not have lockboxes, and showings are scheduled directly with the property manager or owner themselves. In many cases, if you find a rental you are interested and let us know about it, we would just be connecting you to the property manager directly to coordinate your schedules to go see it.


Since the rental market IS handled very privately, you will also want to reach out to the most prominent property management companies in town. Here is a list of some that will often have larger lists of available rentals:
BlueSky Property Management
Blue Ridge Apartment Council
Braden Property Management
Real Property
MSC Rents *only for student rentals
Cathcart Property Management
Woodard Properties


At Story House Real Estate, once you have found a rental property that you are interested in, we can offer a limited number of rental services, the most important of which is helping you read and negotiate a lease agreement.
In the meantime, we encourage you to set yourself up on a rental search on our site, which will make you aware of ALL rentals that match your criteria that are available in the Charlottesville MLS. Once you are set up on a rental search through our site, your free time can be spent communicating with individual property managers and searching and staying up-to-date on your chosen rental resource!



We look forward to helping you get settled in Charlottesville, and hope that we can be of assistance!

Here is a list of the most recently added Rental Listings in our local MLS- happy hunting!



Total Results: 1536
Property Type: residential
510 Mount Pleasant Farm Road
$52,600,000  |  0 beds  |  0 baths
0 sq ft  |  2,784.00 acres
7500 Ironwood Ln
$26,700,000  |  22 beds  |  16 baths
25,939 sq ft  |  1,471.71 acres
7500 Ironwood Ln
$26,700,000  |  22 beds  |  14.5 baths
25,939 sq ft  |  1,471.71 acres
2227 Penny Ln
$19,600,000  |  6 beds  |  7 baths
8,000 sq ft  |  435.00 acres
3392 Edgemont Farm
$19,000,000  |  8 beds  |  7.5 baths
4,836 sq ft  |  572.34 acres
$11,929,000  |  4 beds  |  6 baths
7,843 sq ft  |  5.64 acres
$11,661,000  |  4 beds  |  6 baths
7,843 sq ft  |  5.64 acres
621 Woodlands Rd
$11,500,000  |  7 beds  |  8 baths
16,400 sq ft  |  140.00 acres
2205 Big Lonely Ln
$10,000,000  |  3 beds  |  3.5 baths
4,500 sq ft  |  3,240.00 acres
800 Cobham Park
$9,995,000  |  5 beds  |  5.5 baths
7,586 sq ft  |  286.00 acres
800 Cobham Park
$9,995,000  |  5 beds  |  6 baths
7,586 sq ft  |  286.00 acres
1749 Atoka Rd
$9,975,000  |  6 beds  |  9 baths
14,988 sq ft  |  107.42 acres
19184 Mt Sharon Rd
$7,980,000  |  8 beds  |  10 baths
10,200 sq ft  |  77.49 acres
2120 Burrland Ln
$7,495,000  |  5 beds  |  6 baths
5,994 sq ft  |  304.14 acres
5415 Macmahon Ln
$6,500,000  |  4 beds  |  5 baths
4,950 sq ft  |  263.47 acres
50 Windsor Lodge Ln
$6,220,000  |  4 beds  |  5 baths
4,451 sq ft  |  490.88 acres
11221 Bristersburg Rd
$5,900,000  |  7 beds  |  6 baths
8,421 sq ft  |  440.38 acres
7163 Young Rd
$5,200,000  |  3 beds  |  6 baths
10,119 sq ft  |  107.49 acres
801 Poplar Neck Rd
$4,950,000  |  6 beds  |  7 baths
12,699 sq ft  |  26.72 acres
410 Alexandria Pike
$4,950,000  |  4 beds  |  4 baths
4,762 sq ft  |  7.07 acres
8457 Oaks Rd
$4,900,000  |  7 beds  |  8 baths
7,950 sq ft  |  113.00 acres
8457 Oaks Rd
$4,900,000  |  7 beds  |  8 baths
7,950 sq ft  |  113.00 acres
464 Clarks Tract
$4,900,000  |  5 beds  |  6 baths
11,637 sq ft  |  216.58 acres
2082 Winchester
$4,500,000  |  10 beds  |  8 baths
9,579 sq ft  |  75.67 acres
6760 Wilson Rd
$4,250,000  |  4 beds  |  4 baths
6,012 sq ft  |  166.70 acres
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