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Our Story: Anniversary Edition

a brief history of
Story House History in a Series of Aprils:

Unless you’ve known Sasha for the past 10+ years, you may not know how Story House Real Estate came to be! April is a very special month for the Story House team. Representing a time of growth and renewal, this month has shown to be a significant part of Story House History, from the very beginning.

In April 2007, Sasha began her real estate career and joined Montague, Miller & Company, where she ultimately became their Vice President of Innovation. Montague, Miller is one of the most well-established real estate companies in Central Virginia, and their leadership and coaching were invaluable.

In April 2011, Sasha hired her first assistant, Brie. Having someone alongside Sasha to assist with the administrative duties was monumental in allowing her to continue developing her business and utilizing her time in its highest and best use. Fun fact: Brie is also now a past and current client!

In April 2013, the Sasha Farmer Team was formed, and Errin and Josh joined her soon after. The group was a team operating under Montague, Miller & Company until it became complicated from a licensing perspective to keep operating as a team.

In April 2018, Story House Real Estate opened and we relocated to a beautiful stone bungalow on Old Ivy Road! In an exciting but also bittersweet moment, Sasha parted ways with her long-time Montague, Miller friends and moved the team to its own brokerage where Taylor, Brentney, Kristin, Kelley, Jess, Madison, and Shelly joined soon after! Story House and Montague, Miller & Company continue to work together often and use each other as great advocates and for outside opinions to cover both small and large boutique brokerage needs.

In April 2020, just like the rest of the world, the Story House team was dealing with the effects of a global pandemic, which resulted in operating out of a temporary office downtown with most of the team working virtually from home. Despite these difficult times, there was a silver lining! The Story House office purchase and renovation commenced soon after and the team moved into our permanent home at 2110 Ivy Road in November of 2020!

As we rolled around to April 2022, our little team had quickly grown to include Virgil, Abby, Zoya, Ann, Cole, Catera, Amelia, and Nadirah.

That brings us up to speed to April 2023! Now, our Story House Real Estate crew includes Aaron and Troy, which brings the total number of Story House team members to 19!

Whether you’ve been with us from the beginning or joined along the way, we have you, our friends and clients, to thank for your support. We are so happy to be able to celebrate with you and cannot wait to continue serving you for many more Aprils to come!

In honor of our birthday month, we wanted to take a moment to ask our team members a few questions about what working at Story House Real Estate means to them.
What makes Story House special to you?

“That it’s like a big family and everyone truly cares about everyone” -Zoya

“The closeness of the employees, the team mentality, the encouragement, and the development genuinely motivate me more than any place I’ve ever been. I enjoy every day I come into the office.” -Cole

“There really is no place like Story House Real Estate. The commitment to the utmost spectacular customer service is upheld in every minute detail…Sasha and Kelley and everyone at Story House are truly dedicated to seeing you succeed.” -Nadirah


“The support that comes from the leadership, as well as every person on the team, has been life-changing for me. Story House has made me a better person in just the year that I’ve been here.” -Virgil

“The culture, the team aspect, how we serve our clients and our communities, and our dedication to being the best firm in the area.”  -Errin

“How connected we all are, how specialized, seasoned, and confident we all are in our roles and our ability to help our clients!” -Madison

What do you love most about working at Story House?

“The people, the relationships, the synergy, the pushing everyone to get better and to help people as much as we can!” -Josh

“Everyone strives to go the extra mile to deliver exceptional, thoughtful service.” -Ann

“The community and sense of team. Walking into the office is the best part of my mornings, being met with smiles and meaningful conversations with dear friends. There is a sense of love and support that I’ve never experienced in other work environments.” -Abby


“I love how many people we help and the manner in which we love on them.” -Kelley

“We are truly a family! The team environment is welcoming and not at all competitive. The willingness to help each other and focus on making it the best experience possible for each client.” -Shelly

“Flexibility is extremely important; however, the family-like atmosphere that is found at Story House is very evident. It is a pleasure coming into the office and experiencing that.”- Scott

“The camaraderie and positive environment.” -Jess

What is one word you would use to describe Sasha?
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