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Madison Young Listing Partner

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 Phone:(434) 216-6332

About Me

Madison’s journey to finding Story House began after she graduated with a B.A. in Sociology & Anthropology from Portland, Oregon’s Lewis & Clark College and began working for various off-campus UVA student housing firms. Her fascination in architecture & interior design, combined with her passion to connect with people and help them overcome challenges, inspired her to pursue a career that so perfectly aligns with these interests – helping homeowners seamlessly navigate the journey of selling their property!

In addition to working in real estate, her life is heavily emphasized by her old soul interests; in her spare time she creates and sells her handmade pottery, mountain bikes at Walnut Creek, lends a hand on her family’s nearby farm, performs guitar and vocals with her band of friends, and works to finesse her bread-baking skills!

Needless to say, her time in and out of the office is filled with a zest for making the most out of every moment, conversation, and opportunity!

Little Known Facts About Madison:

  • Every year she enjoys a motorcycle excursion on her Royal Enfield after beginning the tradition in Scotland, Summer of 2019
  • She appreciates the art of bonsai & tends to her personal collection of bonsai in her own home
  • For over a year now, every week she whips up a ‘new recipe of the week’ in a dedicated effort to expand her palate & cooking skills

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