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Real Estate Provisions in the Fiscal Cliff Bill

For those of you wondering about what the fiscal cliff means for real estate, what is going to happen with the mortgage interest deduction, and what will happen with capital gains taxes and estate taxes, check out this very brief summary of the fiscal cliff provisions regarding real estate.  These are current as of January 1, when both the Senate and

Appealing your Charlottesville Area Real Estate Tax Assessment

Many of the counties locally release their new real estate tax assessments in January. Many have a 30 day period following that release, when you can appeal your assessment if you feel that your tax value is too high.  There are certainly pro’s and con’s of appealing your tax assessment. Don’t know your current tax assessment? Email me and I am happy

City of Charlottesville Housing Affordability Program

Just this week the City will be sending out applications for it’s 2009 housing affordability program. The aim of this program is to offer credits of either $375 or $525 (depending on the income of the applicant) toward their 2009 December real estate tax bill. Criteria is as follows (taken from the Charlottesville Housing Authority Program website at the City

Appealing Your Tax Assessment

I have had several clients and friends ask me about their most recent Albemarle County Tax Assessments (just sent to home owners yesterday) and if there is any way to fight the numbers.  I found a really great article that summarizes everything you need to know about this subject and then some.   Many thanks to Sellsius Real Estate Blog! Some