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What Sellers Should Know about Green Upgrades!

Everybody knows energy efficiency is rising in importance among today’s buyers, but if you’re a seller looking to make your house more appealing to a more environmentally conscious generation of home buyers, what kinds of eco-friendly projects should you focus on? HomeSelfe, an app that allows home owners to do a DIY energy audit of their homes, offers this handy infographic

Charlottesville365; 2010 Blue Ridge Home Builders Parade of Homes

2010 Annual Parade of Homes! The Blue Ridge Home Builders Parade of Homes is an annual Charlottesville tradition that always occurs across two weekends (this year- October 9-10 and October 16-17) and showcases the best in new construction that Charlottesville has to offer. I know that for many people in Charlottesville who like to keep their eye on real estate,

Charlottesville365; Virginia Sales Tax Holiday October 8-11

Every year, Virginia enjoys a four day sales tax holiday on different items and supplies. It always falls on the Friday (through the weekend) of the second Monday in October. This year, it will fall on Friday October 8 – Monday October 11, 2010. This is a great time to make some EnergyStar purchases if you’ve been considering updating the

January is National Radon Month!

As described on the EPA website; Radon is a cancer-causing natural radioactive gas that you can’t see, smell or taste.

… In Charlottesville, the standard is to test for radon when you purchase your home during the inspection period (and some people will opt not to test at all) but for most people, that is the first and only test for radon that they will do on their home. There are many areas in Charlottesville where radon gas is present in homes, so if you’ve never checked- now is a great time! Testing for radon is easy and inexpensive, and the EPA Radon site has lots of local and national links to help connect you with how to purchase a self-test, connect with someone locally to administer a professional test, and find people to mitigate a radon problem should you have one. Locally, one of my preferred home inspectors, John Handloser with Pillar to Post Home Inspections , will be happy to administer a professional radon test in your home- call him a few days in advance to schedule him to come out.