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Purchasing a Short Sale

Charlottesville is currently seeing a handful of short sales, and for every short sale that we can successfully achieve, we are avoiding a foreclosure hitting our market. Short sales, however, are not for the faint of heart! They are highly unpredictable, and while they can result in an incredible deal on a home, they can also result in frustration and

Thinking Points For Buyers & Sellers

I read a good article a while back that was really aimed at motivating real estate agents in a tough market, but it made some very strong points for buyers and sellers, that I think are relevant to transactions nationwide. Β I have pulled out the key points below but have also linked to the Joe Klock article in it’s entirety,

The Virginia Foreclosure Market

Courtesy of Virginia Business Magazine, here is a good article on how Virginia’s housing market has fared in 2007, despite trouble nationwide with foreclosures. As stated in the article, “At a time when foreclosures are soaring and some mortgage lenders have gone out of business, plenty of homebuilders would gladly trade places with Genuario. And homeowners in other states can’t